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Shavanni Davis
Shavanni Davis



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Shavanni Davis

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Hair Color

One on upper right arm

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Model Styles:
* Fashion
* Glamour

Are you interested in runway modeling?:

What motivated you to pursue modeling?:
When I was a teenager, I was walking in the mall and this woman approached me inquiring if I modeled. It all started from that moment forward. Modeling has always been a passion of mines deep down inside. Over the years, I’ve envisioned myself as a successful model that women all around the world can look up to. Society tells us that we have to be a certain “type” to be a model. I love my body, my shape and myself. I aspire to be an inspiration for women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicites to know that no matter what you look like, you are beautiful! I love the art of modeling and I love knowing that through this talent great things are destined for me!

How would the last photographer you worked with describe you?
He would describe me as a pleasure to work with, fun, full of energy and certainly a positive aura engulfs me. I’m not afraid to try weird/different poses, follow direction and am open to learning new things at all times. Stephen Driver loves shooting with me. We make great photography magic together.

What personality traits do you think you have that should make you a good model?
Confidence is a must in modeling, You have to know that the image you are trying to convey is presented properly. Having that attitude and that confidence makes the image shine through. Additionally having the ability to follow direction, be versatile, being professional and having a good, positive attitude, No body wants to work with someone who has a negative disposition about themselves.

What do you do in your free time?:
In my free time I spend quality time with my son, read various books, listen to uplifting music, go roller skating, and enjoy time to self.

What tv shows do you like?:
I’m not a huge television person, but when I take the time to watch tv, it’s either The Word channel, Food Channel or cartoons or Children’s movies with the little one

Do you have any unusual talents?:
Singing is a huge passion of mines. There’s power and soul behind my voice — although I tend to be a silent singer. Additionally, I love designing things and am a great writer.

Whats Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far?
Thus far my biggest accomplishment is pursuing modeling on a steady pace. Consistently developing and making myself available for any modeling opportunities that may present themselves in a tasteful manner.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers?:
My favorite models are local models that I have had the pleasure of working with Corrianne, Jane Love, Roberta Edwards to name a few. Famous models are Tyra Banks, Liya Kebede, and Kimora Lee Simmons. My favorite local designers are Gg from Gg’s Collections, OmgFashion Shades, and Rochelle from Rochelle’s Fashion Boutiques. My favorite famous designer is Kimora Lee Simmons. I absolutely adore her shoes, as I am a huge heel addict!

Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?:
Lucky Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Ebony Magazine,,,

How would you describe your style?:
My style is classy yet sassy. I like to dress pretty reserved, not showing too much, but still with some chic flare. Heels and accessories are huge for me. These things can make even the most simple, dressed down outfit fashionable.

What do you dislike about modeling?:
The one factor about modeling that I dislike is the idea that you have to be a certain size, a certain ethnicity, or simply one certain look to be beautiful. We are all beautiful regardless of what physical attributes we possess.

Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers?:
To name a few: Steve White Films LLC, Eric Wytt Ex414, Stephen Driver, Roche Buford, Photography By Amelia, and Hawk Photography

How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?:
Model shoots are extremely fun but they are also hard work. To prepare for a photo shoot, communication with the photographer is always a must to obtain the needed information on what to bring, all my outfits/looks are prepared in advance for smooth transitions, and before beginning the shoot I always send up a prayer to do my absolute best.

What distinguishes a good photographer from a bad one?:
A good photographer is aware of background, lightening, focus and can instruct when needed to produce the best shoots. They are professional and truly know their craft. A bad photographer is one who does not take their craft seriously and lacks the skills to produce good photos.

Why would you think you’re fit for being a model?:
Modeling is what I do. This because I possess the confidence, positive attitude, am professional and have the understanding that modeling is not simply a pretty face. It’s a lifestyle and having the ability to make the audience want what you have. I may not be on any magazines, catalogs or billboards yet but with my ambition, skill, and attitude one day I’ll be right where my heart desires.

What are your goals as a model?:
My unltimate goals are to be in a catalogs, on flyers, billboards or even in a magazines.I want to have a positive, lasting effect on women see me. I want modeling to be a career for me. I’d love to be a runway model or print model. In the future I want to publish my own fashion magazine and having the modeling experience will certainly help get me there. I aspire to be an inspiration for people who struggle being comfortable in their own skin.

What modeling projects have you done?:
I have modeling in various different fashion shows locally such as BTS II: Loyalty to Cure Lupus Fashion Show (2012), Rochelle’s Rips The Runway III (2012), A Walk to Remember Fashion Show (2012), Stylez 2012 Hair & Fashion Show, RocUrBod photoshoot with Shannon Holbert (2012), photo shoots with Stephen Driver (2012) and Photography by Amelia, Rochelle’s 4th Rips The Runway (2013) and the list does not stop. I have more runway shows scheduled out and am working with designers and photographers on various different photo shoots for their designs.

What is your availability in case a photographer or designer would want to work with you?:
My availablilty is pretty flexibile. However weekends work best. Fridays are open, Saturday afternoons and Sundays are open.

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