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Kelvin Haydon
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Fashion Designer Kelvin Haydon
Born March 21, in Milwaukee, WI. Kelvin as a teenager, he developed a
passion for fashion and drawing, often spending hours on end sketching
men, and women in suits and dresses. Following his graduation from the
High School of Art, Klein studied apparel design at Columbia College.
Launched in 1991 Kelvin Haydon by design takes inspiration from Old
Hollywood and modernizes it for today. Best known for his glamorous
gowns, the designer also do everything from menswear, handbags, and
day wear to swimwear and jewelry. Kelvin Haydon collection always a
hit among the stylish set looking for wearable yet fashionable
clothing that is not priced in the stratosphere. In 2012, he won the
prestigious, Little Rock Fashion Week Clothing Line of the Year.
Kelvin would like to be recognizing as a quality and stylish fashion
designer. Kelvin feels great to make something out of virtually
nothing; sewing is a fantastic creative outlet for him transforming
fabric into a three-dimensional garment. For him it it’s a way to be
the trendsetter verses the trend follower. He’s trying to combine
something wearable and something more avant-garde in each collection.
Both in terms of press and editorial but also by having a wide range
of wearable pieces in each collection. He’s just trying to create
pieces that inspire him and others, and encourage him to continue to
develop his ideas.

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